Bios – Who Are We?

The Kamloops City Strummers and are a three piece acoustic group featuring a Guitar, an Upright Bass and a Ukulele. Occasionally we have a guest join us with a banjo, a fiddle, a guitar or a mandolin.

We are three retired/semi-retired guys who enjoy music, entertaining folks and giving back to the Community.

Tom is our Upright Bass player. Tom has been involved in music for a number of years, starting in elementary school and through University with the Saxophone; which he still plays today on a regular basis. Tom has played in big bands, jazz bands and show bands. However more recently he has taken up learning and playing the Upright Bass with a passion. In addition to the Kamloops City Strummers, he also plays his Upright Bass in a couple of local Symphony Orchestra’s.  Tom is the “Heart Beat” of our group.

Barry started with music in high-school and in the Navy Cadet Band. His first instrument was the Coronet or Trumpet, however after a few years he switched to playing the Tuba. When he retired Barry took up the Guitar and has been at it for 9+ years. Barry is our music librarian and makes sure that all our pieces are musically correct and ready for practice and performance.

Larry has been playing the Ukulele for about 10 years. He was born and raised around music and performing for folks. His mother was the local neighbourhood piano teacher, so he was never far away from a piano, an accordion or a chance to sing and entertain. As a teenager he took up the Guitar and got started playing the Clarinet in the high-school band and has been trying to master the clarinet ever since. When Larry retired he got back into playing the guitar, but he became a Ukulele convert after a month long holiday in Hawaii. Don’t ask Larry’s wife how many Ukuleles he owns; it’s a lot.